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How does the internet service work?

We use fixed wireless technology to provide service to your home or business from one of our towers. We install a radio transceiver on your roof that points to a tower. A cable is run from the roof to the inside of your home or business which is then connected to a device to power the radio transceiver and provide an interface to your computer.

May I connect multiple devices?

Yes, you are able to connect multiple devices with the addition of a wireless router. The wireless router is connected inline before your computer and transmits wireless signals inside the home or business. This allows you to connect wireless devices as well as four wired devices. Plans of 15Mb and higher are recommended for multiple devices. Multiple wireless routers may be required to provide an adequate WiFi signal throughout larger homes or businesses. Data Stream offers Whole Home WiFi services to assure you are always connected.

Will bad weather affect my connection?

No, unlike satellite service, weather does not affect our equipment or service. However, extreme storms that include hail, lightning, or tornadoes could affect the service by damaging the equipment.

How do I reset my LTE CPE Antenna?

In most cases, a performance issue can be resolved in minutes with a simple reset of your LTE Antenna. To reset the LTE Antenna, perform the following tasks.


  • Locate the outlet the LTE Antenna is plugged into in your home. In most cases, this will be near where your router is plugged in as well.
  • Locate the power brick which looks a “little black box” this is also referred to as the “POE device.” Shown in Figure 1:
  • Unplug the POE device from the outlet, wait 3 minutes, then plug it back in.
  • Wait 10 minutes for the modem to complete the power up process and reestablish the LTE connection. Service should be restored!
  • If service is not fully restored or a performance issue still exist, please call the Data Steam support center at 877 303-8956
Do you support VPNs?

Yes, our internet does support VPN tunnels for those who need to connect for work at home or remote office deployments. However, a static IP may be required for VPN support.

How soon can I get connected?

Once service availability for your location has been confirmed through our validation process the installation can be scheduled. Setup can generally be done in about 2 hours but can take longer depending on the size and structure of the residence or business.

What equipment will I need to install?

During the validation process we will assess each customer’s environment to determine a sound approach to providing the best service possible. This may include additional equipment necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs for stability and to avoid damage to those surfaces

Speed Test

A valid speed test can only be derived by connecting your device (laptop or PC) directly to your router.

Speed tests from any wireless device or over a wireless connection is only as good as the wireless signal within your residence/office. Wireless routers, access points, and extender’s signals can degrade throughout the structure of the home or office.

If you are experiencing slow speeds, do not test from a smartphone, tablet, gaming system, or any device connecting over your home/office wireless network. Speed tests from gaming systems that are legacy releases and are no longer supported by the manufacturer will not provide a valid speed test.

Programs running in the background like automatic updates and Google Drive synchronization can cause degraded speed results. Speed tests that are running while using your internet connection will only show you the remaining bandwidth available. For example, if you have a 15 mbps plan and you are using 5 mbps, your speed test results should be around 10 mbps.

If this describes your scenario, it may be time to increase your speeds. If you are consistently experiencing significantly lower speeds than you would expect with your current service package please contact our customer service.    

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