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Private LTE Network Delivers a 10% Increase in Profits

Feeding the World

Today, farmers are essential in meeting the ever increasing demands for food that is fueled by rapid population growth across the world. Improving farm productivity is essential for increasing farm profitability and meeting the rapidly growing demand.

“The global population is expected to grow from about 8 billion to nearly 10 billion people by 2050, increasing global food demand by 50%,” says Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer at John Deere. “Farmers must also work through the variables like changing weather conditions, variations in soil quality, and managing weeds and pests – all of which impact the ability to farm during critical times of the year.” Successful Farming, Laurie Bedord 1/4/2022

LTE - Tech

Private LTE – Built in CBRS

Today we are introducing Private LTE and CBRS which has opened the door to many opportunities. Opportunities in education, healthcare, manufacturing, and especially agriculture. Not only does Private LTE bring many benefits but it also fortifies security with 3GPP global standards. Securing by SIM cards or eSIM that only allows devices you allow onto the network. And since this is a private infrastructure you do not need to worry about if a large carrier is in the area!

Agriculture Tech Advancements

Private LTE brings many technological advancements in so many ways. From connected John Deer tractors, livestock monitoring to mobiles devices on a private network and now the ability to monitor your crops and livestock from miles away. With a private LTE System from Data Stream Broadband that predicts that real-time IoT services delivered over a private LTE network you can expect to get up to a 10% increase in profits, driven by increased yields and cost savings. 


Livestock Monitoring & Tracking

A private LTE Network at your location allows you the Farmer to track their livestock with the use of smart ear tags. Smart ear tags help you to track and trace location, movement, and grazing pattern. They can also monitor health and behavior of livestock. With the help of smart tags, you the farmer now have a better and more accurate way of tracking your animals..

Local Weather & Soil

Weather Forcast & Soil Conditions 

The growth of your crops is bond closely to weather conditions. Germination beginning of crops depends on temperature conditions for development. Certain combinations of humidity and temperatures are predictors for disease and insects. Insights into the weather data can give farmers a path and understanding into when is the best time to sow, what types of protection to apply as well as best time to harvest effectively increasing farm profitability. We combines realtime data with local conditions for realtime decisions making.


Soil Management

With real-time capability right at the farm you can make real-time decisions and be able to spray herbicides as you look at it, monitor things like soil composition, dampness humidity and more and even start a watering cycle. With intelligent monitoring and dashboards, you will be able to quickly view acres of crops setting customizable thresholds to tailor a solution for any geographical area or market or crop and plant.

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