Data Stream Private LTE Network – Healthcare

Data Stream Private LTE – Healthcare Facilities


  • Offers configurable quality of service which is ideal for mission-critical lifeline and production-critical automation use-cases.
  •  Increases mobility because Private LTE has been designed for high-speed mobility and allows increased mobile roaming with security.
  • Features an infrastructure with ultra-high-level resiliency for applications such as end-user safety and mission-critical applications.
  • Delivers reduced latency for low delay-centric applications such as industrial automation, autonomous operations, high-definition video surveillance.


Today more and more devices are connecting wirelessly in your healthcare facility than ever before. Devices such as patient monitors, IOT medical devices, and personal patient and guest devices for staying in touch with family and friends via email and well as entertainment and streaming.

On any LTE network connection, user data is encrypted at the same time identity is authenticated and protected intrinsically. LTE’s inherent security mechanisms include ciphering, authentication and integrity procedures to protect data and even signaling messages being exchanged between subscriber handsets, base stations, LTE core and termination points.


Demand for healthcare technology has left the typical wifi deployments with scalability limitations and capacity issues. LTE architecture incorporates radio access and traffic flow procedures like link adaptation, synchronization, non-contention-based access, QoS management, scheduling, etc. features that enable robust, reliable and efficient communication. Scheduling communication between the radio and the end user devices allows for a very efficient communication platform.

Native Experience

With our integration’s users can SMS text or make phone calls as they would in their everyday life offering a truly native use without the addition of any third-party applications. Also because of LTE’s encryption user data like SMS is completely safe and HIPPA compliant. OUr native texting is a secure messaging platform with logging allowing for complete visibility.

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