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Data Stream is dedicated to providing the best service to our communities. We do this through membership in Chamber of Commerce Associations, charitable contributions, and partnership with school districts.

Fauquier County

Data Stream is rapidly expanding coverage and services throughout Fauquier County. We will continue to provide updates as we launch new service areas and formalize our future build plans..

Spotsylvania County

Data Stream is currently working to expand services and coverage area through a partnership with Spotsylvania County. We will continue to provide updates as we formalize our build plans.

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Our Corporate Office

1535 S Perimeter Rd #36B
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

PH: (877) 303-8956

Customer Service

Service Hours  9:00AM – 5:00PM EST   M-F

Data Stream Network Operations monitors the network performance 24x7x365. Should you report a service issue after standard support hours, operations personnel will work to resolve your issue remotely. If resolution requires a technician be dispatched to your location we will schedule this for the following day.

 PH: (877) 303-8956