Public Assistance 10 for 10 Internet Plan

Data Stream Broadband is committed to helping the community and local families in need.

 We are now offering an affordable Internet Plan (10Mbps for $10) for those who qualify for our public assistance program. If you are currently receiving SNAP benefits, you qualify for this program.

 When ordering your internet Service please inform Customer Service that you are interested in our Public Assistance Plan, and we will gather all the necessary information to get you approved. We will honor the Public Assistance plan pricing immediately and once we have confirmation from your county that you are receiving SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, school lunch, Pell Grant, we will continue to provide the services at the discounted price.

 You may also qualify through the FCC Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications program. To register and check if you qualify use the link below.

Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications Program


Our Public Assistance Plan is detailed below:

 DS 10 Public Assistance Plan $10.00 per month.

  • 10 Mbps download and 1Mbps upload internet service.
  • CPE monthly fee applies.
  • Blast Managed Router fee applies.
  • Applicable Taxes and FCC fee apply.

 How to get Data Stream internet service:

 Contact Data Stream Customer Service

  • Sign up for DS 10 Public Assistance Plan
  • Schedule Validation/ Install
  • Installation team will Install Data stream CPE and Blast WiFi Router
  • Provide SNAP and or other county assistance documentation from the county prior to obtaining DS 10 pricing at $10.00/ month

 For additional information please contact Data Stream Customer Service at 877-303-8956