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To request service at your location please enter the required information in the form below. You will receive an email indicating whether we can potentially provide service to your location. If the coverage results are favorable for delivering service, we can schedule an on-site validation to determine the service level we can offer. If you are not in our current coverage or you fall just outside of it, don’t worry! We may still be able to reach you with additional equipment that can improve your signal strength. This may require an up charge to our listed rates, but we will assess your location and provide you the best options for service.

A Data Stream Sales Representative will also contact you with all the details to help you determine the right plan for you. You can also check out our Residential Internet Plans or Small Business Internet Plans and let us know which plan you are interested in within the comments section below. Or just give us a call at 877 303-8956.

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Help Us Expand

We are planning and adding new sites each month to increase our coverage area as quickly as possible and expand into neighboring communities. However, we can’t always serve a given community area 100%. But with your help, we can get closer! In some cases, we may install internet in your home but are unable to install it for your neighbor down the street due to obstructions or elevation changes. If you have land that is available for a small tower, we are interested in discussing options to supplement your service while helping to expand our coverage area within your community. Your property will need to meet several qualifications to be considered a viable spot for a tower.

In addition, if we are not currently providing service close to your area, please submit a service request and allow us to take your need for connectivity into consideration as prioritize our expansion.



Referral Program

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Your referrals are always appreciated and welcomed. Not only do we appreciate them, but we reward you for them. Simply tell a friend about your experience with Data Stream and have them call us to start their high-speed internet service today! Be sure they mention your name when talking to our Customer Care specialist and we will credit your monthly internet service $50 each time we connect one of your referrals. All referral credits will be applied after your first 60 days of service.